Topic: Student Life

Renaissance Festival

By: | Feb 19, 2014

So I’m pretty sure  no one wants to hear about my Valentine’s Day, though I did go to the Cheesecake Factory and I paid for our meal. No I didn’t pay because he’s broke, but I believe in an equal relationship, so we take turns paying for things and holding doors open for each other…. Read more »


By: | Feb 10, 2014

GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco is coming up but this year its more awesome then it ever has been, for me at least. Every year UAT sponsors a student team with the best project to go to GDC all expenses paid, for them to show off their game. This year I happen to be on the… Read more »

Some Other Stuff to Look At

By: | Feb 9, 2014

For those that may be interested, I have a blog separate from this one where I have started posting the art work that I’m working on. For most of them, I want to post the steps I took to making that particular art. So if you’re interested it’s here. And on that note, if some… Read more »