Topic: Student Life

VLOGS, say what?!?!?! Zero To Spartan

By: | May 14, 2014

That is right from the title and you guess it I will now be doing vlogs so you will have to deal with this ugly mug behind the words, MWAHAHAHAHAHA. This vlog series will be called Zero to Sparta with me actually vlogging about how I am getting prep up for the Spartan Races in… Read more »

Elevation masks!

By: | Apr 28, 2014

Hello hello hello, what is up everyone hope you guys had a kick butt weekend for Easter. Well after eating so many chocolate eggs I had to go back on this thing call health, so I decided to go back running to burn as many of those dark chocolate surprises, also from follow up to… Read more »

Just some friendly competition…..THIS IS WAR!!!!!

By: | Apr 21, 2014

As McConaughey would say Alright alright alright, so our HR department just sent an email about the 2nd Spring into Summer Contest. This is a friendly competition between employees here at UAT to see who can be the fittest in the next few of months. Right now I am weighing at a plump 210 pounds… Read more »