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Career Fair Craziness

By: | Mar 24, 2015

Hey All! So this week is definitely a busy one! We have a whole bunch of events going on that students (and interested students) can be a part of. Today, UAT hosted an event we called the career fair. The career fair is where our career ┬áservices connects with major companies and invites them to… Read more »

How to Survive College – Part One

By: | Mar 23, 2015

Greetings and salutations! In case you are not already aware, my name is Nicholas Diley. I am a fifth semester student attending the University of Advancing Technology dual majoring in Advancing Computer Science and Network Security. For just around a year and 8 months, I have been a resident of the Tempe-Phoenix area attending this… Read more »

Inspirational in Ireland

By: | Mar 22, 2015

With St. Patrick’s day come and gone I think now is a great time to talk about how I spent my spring break, in the beautiful green country of Ireland!   Now I was very hesitant on going out of the country before this trip, what with all the schoolwork I’ve been keeping up with… Read more »

Creative Talent Network Expo

By: | Mar 3, 2015

Hello All! Keeping in touch with your parents while at college can be a difficult thing for some people. I generally like to Skype with my parents once a week. During this week’s Skype that I had with them my mom had told me about a expo that I should look into going to. After… Read more »