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Phone Bloks and Modular Electronics

By: | Nov 1, 2013

This week I was reminded of a “Thunderclap” campaign for Phone Bloks, a new cellular phone idea conceived by Dave Hakkens. (Thunderclap is basically a “Kickstarter” for social media.) The phone is designed to be modular (much like tower PC’s already are) where the user can buy different sized memory, batteries, cameras, speakers, and other… Read more »

Game Releases and Media Marketing

By: | Oct 10, 2013

Pokemon X and Y are being released this Saturday (October 12th) and I am super stoked! It’s the first 3DS installment for the main franchise, adding a huge number of new features. Later this year will be the releases of games like CoD: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed 4, Super Mario 3D World, and many more (especially… Read more »

Steam Box, Controller, and Hype!

By: | Oct 3, 2013

Many of you are likely aware of a little company called Valve. Steam, the company’s digital distribution platform, is likely the most influential platform of all PC, Mac, and Linux gamers alike! With games spanning from Portal and Half Life to Team Fortress and Dota 2, there’s something for every hardcore PC gamer to enjoy…. Read more »