Topic: Geeky Stuff


By: | Mar 25, 2014

Hello hello hello this blog is a bit different from my usual style. Over this past weekend I got to get into one of the Beta weekends for a little game call Wildstar Online. This game in my personal opinion is great and for those who are WOW(World of Warcraft) fans, im not saying this… Read more »

Sweet New Tech

By: | Mar 18, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Over Spring Break I managed to come across some pretty cool articles and videos of innovative tech I hadn’t seen before. I decided they would be pretty cool to share! First is MorpHex! It’s a spherical robot that can roll itself around and stand on all… six legs? Here’s… Read more »

The face behind Bitcoin

By: | Mar 6, 2014

Hey guys so from the title above you can get an idea on what this is about here is an article that was recently release about the creator of bitcoin. Signing…off

Young Justice review

By: | Feb 10, 2014

Hello hello everyone hope you guys had a good weekend, so one thing that I try to do while blogging (which I do poorly) is to try to keep the content new and sometimes its not that easy. So over the last week I found something pretty rad that I have seen glimpses of but… Read more »