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Finally a Break! And some Destructibles!

By: | Sep 3, 2014

Hey everyone! It’s the end of summer, and while the heat has not been letting up at all, at least the monsoons are starting to come in to help the parched desert. This semester was a very rough road to travel. Being in all 300 and 400 level courses can quickly take its toll, especially… Read more »

Summer Concert

By: | Sep 3, 2014

Hello Everyone! This week is finals week! After a pretty busy weekend of finishing up my projects this week has been full of presentations and other assorted finals. This Wednesday the Glee club is having a summer concert out in the quad. It’s more of a rehearsed karaoke though. We choose a bunch of summer… Read more »

Returning to the East Coast, Have a Great Break!

By: | Aug 18, 2014

Hello Everyone! As the end of the semester rolls around, we’re finally chugging out all of our final projects and getting everything ready to take a short break that will start this upcoming Friday and end on September 8th to begin the new year. I for one am excited, for in the time being, I… Read more »

One More Week!

By: | Aug 18, 2014

There’s just one more week to go, and so far everything is going as well as I might have hoped it would.  It’s a nice feeling to finish each project for each class and know that you can finally relax a little bit.  Plus I will get some pretty good work to add to my… Read more »

Asterithmic Art Jam

By: | Aug 13, 2014

On August 7th, one of our alumni (Tyler Coleman) ran a workshop based on algorithmic artwork. He created a standard asteroids game that the participants got to mess around with. All of the code was given to us to play with. Most of us that participated had never really dealt with code before. So yes,… Read more »