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By: | Nov 19, 2014

Lately for my classes, I have been working on pieces that are going into a project scene for my portfolio. The scene itself is a desert setting, inspired by the trip I took over the break between semesters to the Grand Canyon, Arches, and Calf Creek. I’m using the scene as a main focus of… Read more »

Flub Fighter

By: | Nov 19, 2014

Recently I joined the team working with some mentor-ship from Retora Games on the Flub Fighter game. I have joined as an effects artist, so basically I get to make all the particle effects. This was a super exciting opportunity for me because I get all the particle effects to myself. Currently though, I do have Mike Densmore drawing… Read more »

Spoiler Alert: You Have To Talk To People

By: | Nov 19, 2014

This past week, UAT was hosting Tech Forums here at the school.  Essentially, this is where the school actually brings in professionals from the industry to talk to the students.  To be perfectly clear these aren’t just people in the games industry that are brought in to speak with the students but rather people from… Read more »

Recent Events here at UAT!

By: | Nov 6, 2014

Greetings and Salutations! Throughout the last few weeks, UAT has been in uproar in terms of everything that has been going on recently! Next week is the Discovery Expo, where all the students will be invited to be coming down to the campus for a college visit, and all along the way we’ll be having… Read more »

A Slice of UAT Life!

By: | Oct 17, 2014

Greetings and Salutations! We’re rounding week 5 of the Fall term here at UAT, and there are already a lot of upcoming events, whether they be club based, or even moving towards events later on through the month! The Pokemon Battle Circuit is one of the brand new clubs of this semester, ran by yours… Read more »