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Quick Adjustments

By: | Mar 20, 2015

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me, is home much time actually goes into “quick adjustments.”  I’ll be working on a level and I’ll be close to the end and think that if I just make a few little changes here or there I can consider the work done.  Its usually seemingly… Read more »

Explore New Engines

By: | Mar 19, 2015

With GDC all wrapped up, we can look at some of the great things that have come out of it that will influence how games are created.  Unity 5 has been released for free, Unreal 4 has also become free, and Source 2 will be releasing and though there’s no official word on it yet… Read more »

What do you nerds even do on campus?

By: | Mar 12, 2015

First of all, we’re geeks. Not nerds. Get it right. Greetings and salutations though! One of the most popular questions I get asked by students on tour or on the phone as well is: What do you guys even do on campus? – Everyone probably Now it may not exactly be in that context, but… Read more »

3D Printed Guns

By: | Mar 12, 2015

Recently we had a guest speaker on campus talking about the legality of 3D Printed Guns.  Josh Blackman, an Assistant Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law, presented a topic that could potentially have a huge impact on our society.  In the interest of full disclosure, he informed everyone at the very… Read more »