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Why These Games are Better Than Yours – Dragon Age: Origins

By: | Apr 9, 2015

Hey All! It’s time to start a new blog series! Why These Games are Better Than Yours is going to be a blog series about game reviews! They will most likely be popular games that have come out recently or games that I have played in the past. I’m going to review games based on… Read more »

How to Survive College – Part Nine

By: | Apr 9, 2015

Greetings and salutations everyone! Today I will be talking about how to survive in the professional atmosphere when working in college. Throughout our time in school, we can be prepared for a lot of things. How to think critically, how to work on certain projects, troubleshooting, creating, etc… However one of the bigger problems that… Read more »

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 2 – Gravity Falls

By: | Apr 7, 2015

Continuing from last time, Gravity Falls is the next on our list of amazing cartoons that have come out in recent years. I know Nick and I already love this show and can’t wait for the next season. So without further ado, let’s get started!   What’s it about? Gravity Falls from Disney Channel and… Read more »