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I’m Always Into Juggernog!

By: | May 16, 2017

Hello! and Welcome today is a wonderful day and that being said I’m excited to see that Zombie Chronicles has finally released on PlayStation and will soon be released on Xbox One. Call of Duty Zombies has been a huge part of my middle school/high school years endless rounds if bullets and zombags. I remember… Read more »

The Road to Evo: Part 1

By: | May 12, 2017

Ever since my last blog, I’ve been able to put in a purchase request to the school to (hopefully) fund my ticket for Evo. I sincerely hope that it gets approved because then I will be able to represent UAT at Evo which, in turn, is also a huge marketing opportunity in itself. I hope… Read more »


By: | May 10, 2017

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! We back at it again with a blog about something. I not to sure again what to talk about so I’ll probably just ramble about another Kickstarter. The Kickstarter today is called the Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone. Its a hella cool since you can use it as a second phone or… Read more »

IT….Monster From Derry

By: | May 9, 2017

Hello all! What haunts your darkest nightmares for me it’s Pennywise the Clown. I was so excited to see the new IT 2017 trailer drop , my first opinion was actually the sound design was perfect. I think that when making a horror movie the sound has to hit every beat correctly and needs to… Read more »

Cooperative Storytelling

By: | May 3, 2017

Cooperative storytelling is something that I have always found great value in. With the amount of time I have spent playing dungeons and dragons, I feel like it is one of the best ways for people to come together and create something amazing. I am relating this to table top games as that is what… Read more »