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What do you nerds even do on campus?

By: | Mar 12, 2015

First of all, we’re geeks. Not nerds. Get it right. Greetings and salutations though! One of the most popular questions I get asked by students on tour or on the phone as well is: What do you guys even do on campus? – Everyone probably Now it may not exactly be in that context, but… Read more »

3D Printed Guns

By: | Mar 12, 2015

Recently we had a guest speaker on campus talking about the legality of 3D Printed Guns.  Josh Blackman, an Assistant Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law, presented a topic that could potentially have a huge impact on our society.  In the interest of full disclosure, he informed everyone at the very… Read more »

Creative Talent Network Expo

By: | Mar 3, 2015

Hello All! Keeping in touch with your parents while at college can be a difficult thing for some people. I generally like to Skype with my parents once a week. During this week’s Skype that I had with them my mom had told me about a expo that I should look into going to. After… Read more »


By: | Feb 24, 2015

Recently I had a surprise guest in my Game AI Concepts class.  An alumni that currently working for a EA came and talked with our class for a little while.  Regardless of what your personal feelings about EA might be, this was a guy who already had something that everyone in my class were working… Read more »