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Awesome Art Tools – Sketchfab

By: | Jun 4, 2015

Sketchfab   Sketchfab is the perfect tool for 3D modelers and 2D artists. You can upload your own models or view thousands of others online with full 3D viewing. That includes camera rotation, shading options, and other tools to make it possible to show off your favorite work on other websites and blogs. Here’s an example!… Read more »

The Wasteland Returns

By: | Jun 3, 2015

The Fallout 4 was just actually announced and the world is on fire!  After the world finally seemed to settle down after the chaos last year that was the Survivor 2299 website prank the announcement is finally here.  Fallout 3 was an all around brilliant game, that I actually just played through again pretty recently…. Read more »

The End of Brown and Bloom?

By: | Jun 3, 2015

Brown and bloom may sound familiar to some of you gamers and moviegoers though some may have heard it as the trope “Real is Brown“. Just Like Real Life Basically, it’s the idea of making things more realistic by desaturating the colors of an environment and making them basically look like they are covered in dirt…. Read more »

Picturing the Future: WebP FTW!

By: | Jun 1, 2015

I had some fun a couple weekends ago discovering the WebP file format being developed at Google for the past few years. Now this should come as no shock, but as a digital artist I have a pretty sound interest in image formats; different file formats can make or break an image, or determine its… Read more »