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So You Want to be a Game Developer?

By: | Sep 18, 2015

Hello all! I was reading an article on Gamasutra that talks about some skills that you should have or get when you are a game developer. Why do I say game developer instead of one specific branch? Because I think that this should apply to all of the game creation branches. The article had a… Read more »

Computers: What do you need?

By: | Sep 16, 2015

So for a little while after I moved to Tempe I actually worked as a computer salesman.  Its a job that I truly grew to despise with every fiber of my being but not because of customers, but really because of the company itself.  In truth, the customers at that job weren’t so bad.  They… Read more »

Take it from a Senior in College

By: | Sep 15, 2015

Greetings and salutations everyone! After quite the long break, I have returned to the University and am continuing on with my classes again! For today, I have kind of a topic that has been on my mind and has been a recurring theme across anyone asking about what to expect from starting college. Well lucky… Read more »