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A New Start – Moving Off Campus

By: | Jul 6, 2015

After a wonderful time at Anime Expo (which I’m sure Karina and¬†Nick will be talking about here shortly), I’m all set to get packing and finalize all of my paperwork for moving into an apartment off campus. Why Move Off Campus? There are a lot of reasons why moving off campus can be an absolute… Read more »

Conan O’Brien: Clueless Gamer

By: | Jun 25, 2015

The primary purpose of any game, regardless of it’s use should always be to have fun. ¬†Gamification is a whole thing that would continue to move forward but even then any good game has to be fun before it’s anything else or it doesn’t work. ¬†Personally, I think that seeing people enjoying themselves is generally… Read more »