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Be Excited!

By: | Dec 16, 2015

As a developer, there will be times that you will need to pitch a game to a group of producers, investors, peers, etc.  Over the past few days I’ve watched quite a few pitches from my peers for various games without a variety of results.  Frankly there are many things that you should be thinking… Read more »

Intro to Mobile App Development: Android Studio

By: | Dec 9, 2015

Greetings and salutations! When you’re going into the Computer Science field, it’s a pretty broad environment so you may find that you’ll be asking yourself where you want to specialize in. Maybe you’d want to focus on web development, or perhaps building a desktop application. Throughout my time as a student at UAT, I have… Read more »

Student Innovation Pressure!

By: | Dec 4, 2015

Okay so maybe “SIP” actually stands for “Student Innovation Project”, but today is more than just another work day. Today, the students who have worked on their projects for some pretty lengthy amounts of time here at UAT are finally going to be put to the test. It’s a really exciting time for everyone! Many of… Read more »

Pre-Playstation Experience

By: | Dec 3, 2015

Hello all! So this weekend I will be attending the Playstation Experience up in San Francisco California! I’m super excited!   The Playstation Experience is a time of conferences that are entirely dedicated to what Sony and Playstation are working on. There are also a whole bunch of companies that will be attending to show… Read more »