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OK GO: Treadmill Beginnings

By: | Feb 17, 2016

Back in 2015, I had pleasure of seeing indie-rock band OK GO live at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. It was my first live concert in the USA and to say that it was thoroughly awesome, is an understatement. However, this was not my first encounter with the band OK GO. For anyone vaguely… Read more »

Photography – My Newest Passion

By: | Feb 16, 2016

I’ve recently taken an interest in photography and what started out as taking a few photos of a beautiful Arizona sunset turned into something much more. This all started when I went home for Christmas break and my girlfriend got a new camera. She immediately started taking pictures and they looked stunning. Then she asked… Read more »

Dynasty Warriors: Why Hasn’t it Died Yet?

By: | Feb 16, 2016

Hello all, Has anyone else been wondering why the Dynasty Warriors game series hasn’t died out yet? Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy the game. I’m surprised how a game that’s mechanics and story hasn’t been changed much over the years is still able to create sequels. Was it KOEI teaming up with Nintendo… Read more »