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Re: RTX 2017

By: | Jul 15, 2017

I am back from my first trip to Austin, Texas for Rooster Teeth’s annual RTX! I drove down on July 4th with two of my friends for a nice 15 hour drive from Phoenix to our place on 6th and Congress in Austin. There isn’t anything exciting to talk about regarding the drive there or… Read more »

Where to next?

By: | Jul 13, 2017

So we have gotten some new information as far as the end of Legion goes. Most of it is unnamed dialog and some data-mined leveling gear, but it all has enough content for a decent theory. This post is going to assume you have already read the new dialog, which can be found below. Along… Read more »

Slim Shandy

By: | Jul 13, 2017

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! Here’s another Kickstarter that I actually have a passion for! This really spoke to me on a deep level when I first saw it and it solves a problem that many people struggle with. I’m talking about the Ultra Slim Bottle Opener! I don’t know about you, but… Read more »

The Road to Evo: Extended. Future Plans.

By: | Jul 8, 2017

Unfortunately, it’s true. Due to some complications, I won’t be able to go to Evo, but that doesn’t mean that the road has to end. The road simply has to go on for longer than what was originally intended. This isn’t about the destination, but the journey ahead. This might seem like a bit of… Read more »