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I Need My Space! – An Artist Lifestyle

By: | Mar 3, 2016

Hello All, I was reading an article about a hashtag that is trending on twitter right now. The hashtag is #絵描きさんの作業環境が見たい. This means “I want to see artists’ work environments.” in English. A bunch of Japanese artists are taking pictures of their work environment to Twitter to show what they work on and what their… Read more »

Kill Bill or: How I Learned That I Wanted To Be A Filmmaker

By: | Mar 3, 2016

I was never allowed to watch violent movies as a child. My mother did such a good job scaring me away from them that when my friends would ask to watch Child’s Play at a sleepover, I would lie and say I’d already seen in it. I remember being at my Grandmother’s house when my sister… Read more »

The New Faces of Film: Top 5

By: | Mar 2, 2016

In the ever expanding age of accessible filmmaking, the movie market is experiencing a larger influx than ever. For the first time low budget indie feature films can break through and become just as successful as their Hollywood counterparts. Not only is this an exciting era for budding filmmakers, but it also means that the quality… Read more »