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The New Faces of Film: Top 5

By: | Mar 2, 2016

In the ever expanding age of accessible filmmaking, the movie market is experiencing a larger influx than ever. For the first time low budget indie feature films can break through and become just as successful as their Hollywood counterparts. Not only is this an exciting era for budding filmmakers, but it also means that the quality… Read more »

Traditional Art: An Awesome Craft

By: | Feb 29, 2016

Hello All, So when thinking about going into a field like Game Art and Animation you really only think of digital things. You’ll think that you’ll mainly be working and learning digital art software to create the models, textures, animations, and captures. You usually don’t think that any kind of traditional art would be necessary…. Read more »

Artistic Security

By: | Feb 25, 2016

Hello all, So we all know that once you put something online, it is no longer completely yours. The internet is full of people who copy and paste things that aren’t theirs and yet claim it is indeed their property. Everyone has done this before, whether it’s for an English paper or a presentation that’s… Read more »