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Artistic Security

By: | Feb 25, 2016

Hello all, So we all know that once you put something online, it is no longer completely yours. The internet is full of people who copy and paste things that aren’t theirs and yet claim it is indeed their property. Everyone has done this before, whether it’s for an English paper or a presentation that’s… Read more »

Help Falls: Production Diary – Malice

By: | Feb 24, 2016

In order to graduate UAT one must complete a Student Innovation Project or “SIP” for short. This project is intended to push innovation in the various degrees and inspire students to try to do something new. It was only two weeks into the class when Co-Creator Brandon Scott and I came up with our Student… Read more »

The Art of Music Videos

By: | Feb 24, 2016

Before you read this blog post I would to like preface it by saying that I am in no way a music video expert, instead this blog looks like explore why the format of music videos is appealing to me. Alongside film, music has always been a huge love and inspiration of mine. Most of… Read more »