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Vacation 2016

By: | May 20, 2016

Greetings everybody , over the break I had the best vacation ever! It all started with my girlfriend inviting me on her family vacation , which I excitingly accepted I mean this was the first time I was going to actually get a full on vacation experience with my girlfriend I was so hyped so… Read more »

Captain America: Civil Warning

By: | May 18, 2016

  By this point, pretty much everything has been said about Captain America: Civil War that can be. The highly anticipated Marvel mammoth has impressed critics and audience alike and continues Marvel’s winning streak when it comes to the popular culture superheroes. Civil War is everything I’ve come to want and expect for a high… Read more »

Uncharted 4 Review

By: | May 17, 2016

Hello All! I have finally finished Uncharted 4 this weekend. I thought it would be fun to review this game and share it with you all. I will try my best to avoid any major spoilers in here so don’t worry, I’ll avoid talking and giving details about the main story line in here. To… Read more »

Nvidia 1080 and 1070

By: | May 17, 2016

Nvidia recently revealed two new cards last night under the names of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. These cards are extremely powerful as well as extremely affordable in reference to their power (If you look at the price tag alone you might not agree). As far as prices go, the 1070 will be available… Read more »

PlayStation Experience.

By: | May 16, 2016

Greetings all today I’m going back to the past to talk about my experience with PlayStation. As a young kid I always searched for adventure whether that meant getting dirty playing outside in the woods or climbing mud hills and being completely covered in mud from head to toe. Then one year for Christmas my… Read more »