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Top 3 Favorite Game Companies!

By: | Apr 16, 2016

  Insomniac games are an American game developer, there headquarters is in Burbank California. Insomniac was founded in 1994 by a man named Ted Price this which its name was changed from Xtreme Software to Insomniac games. Their main platform they stuck to seems to be PlayStation considering they built an entire empire out of… Read more »

Finals: A Stressed Student

By: | Apr 15, 2016

Hello all, Here at UAT we are moving into our finals weeks. I’ve been explaining to newer students how finals work around here. I’ve heard that many colleges and universities have a finals week that is usually a week after the semester and is just testing, writing papers and more testing. We work a bit differently… Read more »

Cannes Film Festival 2016 Lineup Announced!

By: | Apr 14, 2016

Each year the highly prestigious Festival de Cannes or Cannes Film Festival is held in France. The festival has become world renown for being a hot spot for high quality mainstream and independent cinematic content. I am always excited to see the lineup of interesting and artistic films from some of the world’s leading directors… Read more »