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Script Writing: how to writ dem words gud

By: | Mar 10, 2016

The backbone of any filmic medium is the script. When I first embarked on my endeavor to make a serious short film, I had no clue whatsoever about the art of script writing. My High School at the time didn’t offer any form of education related to the formatting, grammar and skills needed to write… Read more »

Computer Science for High Schools? YES!!!

By: | Mar 7, 2016

Greetings and salutations everyone! For those of you who haven’t caught on about what I’m studying as a student here at UAT, you should know that my majors of choice are Computer Science and Network Security. Simply put, I’m a programmer/software developer along with a security analyst/administrator. Now the only reason I really mention this… Read more »

Taking Inspiration to the Next Level

By: | Mar 7, 2016

Hello All, If you’re interested in becoming a game developer of some kind you have gotten inspiration from a game you’ve played or have seen.  You’ve most likely played or seen a game that moved you to say “I want to create something like this”. For every game developer there was a different game that… Read more »

I Need My Space! – An Artist Lifestyle

By: | Mar 3, 2016

Hello All, I was reading an article about a hashtag that is trending on twitter right now. The hashtag is #絵描きさんの作業環境が見たい. This means “I want to see artists’ work environments.” in English. A bunch of Japanese artists are taking pictures of their work environment to Twitter to show what they work on and what their… Read more »