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Dynasty Warriors: Why Hasn’t it Died Yet?

By: | Feb 16, 2016

Hello all, Has anyone else been wondering why the Dynasty Warriors game series hasn’t died out yet? Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy the game. I’m surprised how a game that’s mechanics and story hasn’t been changed much over the years is still able to create sequels. Was it KOEI teaming up with Nintendo… Read more »

Why Should We Care About The Oscars?

By: | Feb 12, 2016

As I’ve gotten older I have started to become extremely jaded towards extravagant award shows, by this I mean the Oscars. What is supposed to be a celebration of cinema now seems like a bunch of celebrities patting each other on the back, all the while saturating themselves in vanity and ego. Sometimes I can’t… Read more »

Good Game Design: A YouTube Series

By: | Feb 11, 2016

Hello all! Recently, after a blog I had posted not too long ago, I have been watching a series on YouTube called Good Game Design. This is a video series of the pronciples of good game design shown in games. Principles such as the “Teaching without Teaching” and “Motivational Punishment”. This series talks about great… Read more »

Why I Chose UAT

By: | Feb 9, 2016

The first time I heard about UAT was at a job fair during my sophomore year in high school. The booth looked interesting so I walked up and was greeted with a smile and a warm welcome as the man shook my hand and said Hello my name is Marcus and I want to talk… Read more »