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Squarespace: Be a square!

By: | Jul 7, 2016

When I first got into filmmaking and started working on more projects, I found that people would often request to see my work. For the most part Youtube was a fine display platform, but I soon starting creating things that weren’t necessarily 100% film related and so I looked into creating my own website. WordPress was… Read more »

Personal Projects

By: | Jul 5, 2016

Hello All! UAT is a very project based university. Every industry that our students go into involves some amount of collaboration or teambuilding. Getting to build collaboration skills before you leave university will give you a great advantage when you get to the industry. Throughout my time here at UAT I’ve had many classes that… Read more »


By: | Jun 29, 2016

      Hello! all so recently I had the awesome opportunity to go to Monday night raw with some friends this turned out to be a great experience. So if you don’t know what happened at the last paper view it was a money and the back ladder match , the winner of this… Read more »