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The Night Of: The Best TV Show of the Year?

By: | Aug 11, 2016

Only five episodes have been released for HBO‘s new crime drama The Night Of and already it has gained audience and critical acclaim. Based on the BBC series Criminal Justice, The Night Of chronicles the investigation and possible prosecution of a young man named Naz who wakes up after a night of drugs and passion to… Read more »

Photography Update… Ready for Repair

By: | Aug 8, 2016

Hello all Jake here so as you may know I haven’t given you guys an update on my photographical journey. Recently I had an issue with the camera I was using and the adhesive melted off at Comic-Con but don’t worry I took loads of pictures! As of now I been saving up for a… Read more »

Top Movies of the 2016: Heart of a Dog

By: | Aug 4, 2016

2016 has been a fairly decent year for cinema so far. I found it to be particularly strong in the independent cinema front or perhaps my taste is learning more towards more unseen releases. Either way I decided to put together a cliché list of my favorite films that I see throughout the year. Below is… Read more »