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By: | Aug 29, 2016

Hello all So over break at UAT the fun never stops in fact sometimes it can get rowdy, During break is a perfect chance to rejuvenate for me it’s a time were hanging out with friends and raiding all night in destiny come hand and hand. Things that i love doing over break is eating… Read more »

UAT Over the Break

By: | Aug 25, 2016

Hello! I’m Dominick Kane, a Game Design major and Student ambassador here at the University of Advancing Technology. Semester’s here at UAT are fun, exciting, and full of energy and life. At UAT, we do attend courses year-round, but we also have semester breaks that are usually a week or so to unwind and go… Read more »

No Man’s Sky…

By: | Aug 20, 2016

    Hello all as you may know No Man’s Sky has recently come out and I have been having a blast playing the game so far. This game has a new spin on planet exploration in my opinion its a mellow mining game that lets you explore other worlds and galaxies , the game is… Read more »