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Cyber Security Month!

By: | Oct 13, 2016

So the month of October is National Cyber Security Month, so today I am going to talk about passwords. While passwords can be annoying, they are incredibly important to your security online. With a basic password, something like 1234, you can be at risk for all sorts of attacks. This could lead to identity theft,… Read more »

Keeping That Network Secure

By: | Oct 11, 2016

Hello all and a good day , Today I want to touch upon how important security is not just for personal and confidential reason but along with worldwide and how it affects us as a country. In October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month , I think this is a great month to educate people… Read more »

Blog it up!!

By: | Oct 8, 2016

Blog it up   Games that I have been playing So over the past week I been playing this clicker game called egg Inc.  The egg game is pretty fun you basically tap your phone to get chickens, then your able to get money from those chickens and upgrade your buildings to hold more chickens, and you… Read more »

Four Summaries For Tech-Awareness

By: | Oct 7, 2016

Consumers, developers, and big companies are all excited to live in a constantly developing world of technology. For developers, they are able to produce and develop new and innovative products every day. Big companies are able to turn out new phones, computers, appliances, and pretty much anything every other week at this rate. Finally, consumers… Read more »

Help Falls Here I Come

By: | Oct 7, 2016

Hello all! Jake here and over these past two weeks I managed to keep myself insanely busy, This includes school projects , film shoots and overall , having a blast with friends.  Recently I had a huge opportunity to be on set of Helps Falls , now this may sound silly but this has been… Read more »