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Super Hero Dream Team

By: | Sep 16, 2016

Hello all! Jake here and today I want to dive in and talk to you about my perfect super hero dream team! So as a strong start I’d pick Superman to lead just because how great of a leader he is not to mention when strong supervillains try to destroy the planet or kill all… Read more »

VR is Here, and We Are Prepared!

By: | Sep 13, 2016

VR is something that many people want to experience, so I would have to recommend finding an event to try them out. That is if you aren’t willing to shell out the cash for the Vive’s fairly expensive price tag. Coming in at nearly 800$ USD, it is tied with the entire GameMaker Collection for… Read more »


By: | Aug 29, 2016

Hello all So over break at UAT the fun never stops in fact sometimes it can get rowdy, During break is a perfect chance to rejuvenate for me it’s a time were hanging out with friends and raiding all night in destiny come hand and hand. Things that i love doing over break is eating… Read more »