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Talking about the Switch Again!?

By: | Nov 23, 2016

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! Yeah I know, I’m writing about the Nintendo Switch again. I can’t help it though! All the info and rumors that get released on this system just make me want to blog  about it:) One of the things though the just came put about the system though isn’t… Read more »

My Poor Wii U

By: | Nov 18, 2016

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! So I’ve had my Nintendo Wii U now for about two years and just recently I found out that Nintendo is officially stopping production on the console. I can’t say though that I’m that surprised since the system has been plagued with bad sales and not enough exclusives… Read more »

Level Editors and New Life

By: | Nov 7, 2016

So today I am going to be talking about working in game editors. Being a game designer, or at least one who is in the game design degree, I have worked with a handful of editors over the program, and have come to develop some interesting opinions about them. This will mostly be focused on… Read more »

Computers Are Watching Videos To Learn The World Around Them

By: | Nov 7, 2016

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, let their AI computer watch a year’s worth of videos from the web in the name of learning about sounds. It is more common now that computers can identify objects, faces, animals, and landmarks – but the sounds in our world are still foreign to them. A group of… Read more »

Whats been going on!

By: | Nov 7, 2016

Hello everyone Jake here! There has been a lot  going these past two weeks. One of the biggest events going on is trying to get Crimson Nights ready for launch , we recently had a play test to find some of the bigger bugs within the game. I do want to say that thanks to… Read more »