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I’m ready to Switch over ;)

By: | Oct 21, 2016

What’s up my dudes and dudettes! So I couldn’t wait to write this blog today! I need to get my thoughts out on this while its still fresh on my mind. Bear with me hear while I fanboy out for a bit! So I don’t know if any of you have looked (and if you… Read more »

My Little ‘Rant’ about WoW

By: | Oct 20, 2016

I have written about World of Warcraft multiple times in the past, but this time it is going to be just a little different. Over the past couple of months, World of Warcraft has been a game that I open less and less. I am not sure what the exact cause of this has been… Read more »

Cyber Security

By: | Oct 15, 2016

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! Looks like this week we’re talking about Cyber security this week and what I want to touch on is how the Pentagon implements it. As most people know Cyber security is a rather big issue in today’s world. So many people are afraid of having their info hacked… Read more »

Cyber Security Month!

By: | Oct 13, 2016

So the month of October is National Cyber Security Month, so today I am going to talk about passwords. While passwords can be annoying, they are incredibly important to your security online. With a basic password, something like 1234, you can be at risk for all sorts of attacks. This could lead to identity theft,… Read more »

Keeping That Network Secure

By: | Oct 11, 2016

Hello all and a good day , Today I want to touch upon how important security is not just for personal and confidential reason but along with worldwide and how it affects us as a country. In October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month , I think this is a great month to educate people… Read more »