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Getting A Space on the Web

By: | Jan 21, 2017

Having your own website is extremely important if you are a student, entrepreneur, artist, project junkie, film maker, or anything, really. It is one central spot on the internet that anyone can go to and see you, your work, your cat pictures, and what awesome things you can do for them. Social media is a… Read more »

Music Shoot

By: | Jan 20, 2017

Hello all! The film shoot we had over the weekend went perfect, it was so great to have transportation instead of filming on campus. The only reason I like filming off campus is because its a great change of view instead of having the same old boring shots. The thing I liked most about filming… Read more »

New things..

By: | Jan 12, 2017

Hello all! This semester is going to be jammed packed with tons of learning experiences, adventures, and new opportunities. So far I had a majority of my classes and they are just the right fit for me. This semester is mainly follows Digital Video, which is perfect because this lets me focus on just Digital… Read more »

New Semester New Sight.

By: | Jan 6, 2017

    Hello Everyone I’m back from a long break and I have to say that  I’m happy to be  back. Returning back to PA this time was so much different , in a way that was almost difficult. My friends and mother made the most of a well earned break. My first day back I… Read more »