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By: | Oct 1, 2016

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! We’re back at it again with the dope blogs! So today I’m going to be talking about life as a father and how I juggle that with my school. My daughters are the biggest blessing that I could ever ask for. If I would lose everything, but still get… Read more »

Lets Blog It Up!!

By: | Sep 26, 2016

So over this past week I done a lot, I played soccer 4 times for the leagues that I’m in, the new season of Overwatch came out and I was playing a ton of that, plus I got into the beta for battle rite champions it’s a super fun game been playing that when I get… Read more »

Get Lost Find Yourself!

By: | Sep 26, 2016

Hello all! Jake here , so today I’m going to talk about some old and news things about me. So as of recently I have been going to Sun Valley church and I have to say its been glorious and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to go with. See this is… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, And The Fourth Wall

By: | Sep 16, 2016

The Voice Assistant  Apple and Microsoft have, over the years, established their AI persona in the market. Apple’s Siri has changed the way users search for information over the web drastically. It hit the market so fast and so abundantly that Google has to now compete with Wolfram Alpha’s search (which Siri uses). Microsoft has… Read more »