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Keys, Crates, And Every Gamble in Between

By: | Jul 12, 2016

As some of you may have heard, recently there have been some issues that deal with in game gambling to win real money prizes and other variations of the sort. The biggest story currently is with two high level Counter Strike: Global Offensive players who created a betting website, claimed they had stumbled upon it,… Read more »

Squarespace: Be a square!

By: | Jul 7, 2016

When I first got into filmmaking and started working on more projects, I found that people would often request to see my work. For the most part Youtube was a fine display platform, but I soon starting creating things that weren’t necessarily 100% film related and so I looked into creating my own website. WordPress was… Read more »

Personal Projects

By: | Jul 5, 2016

Hello All! UAT is a very project based university. Every industry that our students go into involves some amount of collaboration or teambuilding. Getting to build collaboration skills before you leave university will give you a great advantage when you get to the industry. Throughout my time here at UAT I’ve had many classes that… Read more »