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The Dreaded Finals Week

By: | Apr 21, 2017

The dreaded week to any college student. Some may procrastinate until the last second while others may already be finished with theirs. The practice of getting through that last part of the semester time after time is usually stressful, but it’s especially worth it after the matter because of the break. To break the cycle… Read more »

Why is Korean Music Popular?

By: | Apr 14, 2017

There’s been an influx of increased interest in Korean music in the recent years, but what if I told you that it started way before that? Korean Pop (Kpop) has been spread through word of mouth and curiosity. Through that, Kpop has been able to have a sustainable life outside of South Korea. The last… Read more »


By: | Apr 11, 2017

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! We got another Kickstarter blog for you today my people! The truth is though I have no clue what to blog about so I just pulled randomly from Kickstarter lol Really cool think I found though is this snazzy little bracelet called the NIFTYX. The bracelet doubles as… Read more »

Upcoming Tech Gadgets

By: | Apr 10, 2017

HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC This cool Gadget allows you to put whatever you want 3-d printed. Using its new 3D imtergrated programs you can print just about anything which is a cool feature to bring the the Tech world.     Nabi Aristotle Voice assistant for Kids This new gadget acts as more like… Read more »

New Champions Revealed in League of Legends!

By: | Apr 6, 2017

Recently, there have been teasers about some new champions in League of Legends. Rakan, the Charmer and Xayah, the Rebel. This is the first dual champion release that Riot has done.  The interesting thing about these two is that it clearly says in their abilities that they work better with each other, which demands synergy… Read more »