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Aaaaahhhh Zombies!

By: | Sep 9, 2011

This was a pretty good week. Early in the week, we introduced a few of the new students to a board game called Zombies!!! (and yes, the name of the game really includes three exclamation marks). It’s a pretty fun game. You build the board game as you play, and zombies spawn each time a… Read more »

Snail Mail

By: | Sep 9, 2011

This week, I decided to switch back to snail mail and send a friend of mine a letter. He recently graduated from UAT, and is currently back home. We both figured that since we love getting letters from friends in the mail, maybe the other would also appreciate getting something that wasn’t a bill. As… Read more »

I’m an Elf-dwarf warrior-thief!

By: | Jul 15, 2011

The week was extremely busy. Between work and classes, I found that I had very little free time. It was nice though, because I got a lot accomplished. I had a really good project in ethics. Me and two other classmates presented on genetically modified organisms. The general consensus was that we should not modify… Read more »

Finally a second entry!

By: | Jul 11, 2011

Well, HA and I are once again able to update our student journals, after some problems with logging in. What you’ve missed: Student Life came up with some activities for our students to participate in this summer. There was a zombie challenge, a movie challenge, and a band challenge. For the zombie challenge, teams of… Read more »

First Post!

By: | May 25, 2011

Well hello there! My name is Molly Satterfield, and I am one of the new student ambassadors. I am majoring in Robotics and Embedded Systems. This is my third semester at UAT, so I am technically a sophomore now! I came to Arizona all the way from Jacksonville, North Carolina, so I’m fairly far away… Read more »