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Sister in Italy and I get her car

By: | Oct 15, 2012

So this week my sister left to go to Italy which is really cool for her and awesome for me because she’s letting me borrow her car 🙂 I usually ride a little scooter that goes a maximum of 40mph so this is a nice change. It also helped me on an adventure I had… Read more »

Vote Jaylyn for VP!

By: | Oct 11, 2012

This semester has been crazy, this week is no exception. I had so much homework that I’ve been slowly finishing, it seems like I start doing homework on Wednesday and don’t finish till Tuesday. But, 18 credit hours will do that. The club fair just happened and there are a lot of cool new clubs I can’t… Read more »

Little Black Hat Diary

By: | Jul 28, 2012

Day 1 So when we finally arrive in Vegas, late of course (didn’t want to miss my class on interactivity!), we do introductions and then tour the facilities. Caesars Palace is huge!! And after all the walking around and being shown the rooms we go to get our rooms. The guy at the desk gives… Read more »

How many outfits does one girl need!

By: | Jul 18, 2012

This week I’m getting the last minute things ready to go to Las Vegas for Black Hat. Something that I’m looking forward to is staying at Caesar’s Palace because it is so amazing! It’s going to be a lot of work between laying all the internet cable lines and setting up tables etc., but the… Read more »

UAT is going to the movies!

By: | Jul 16, 2012

Residence Life and Student Life are offering all students, staff and faculty the opportunity to see The Dark Knight Rises this coming Friday, July 20th, 7pm @ Arizona Mills. Tickets are only $3 a piece and are first come first served. This is a private showing for UAT family friends and guests. We will be… Read more »