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International Tabletop Day – Saturday, April 29th 2017

By: | Apr 27, 2017

Levels of realism in tabletop RPGs. This is a topic that I have always had to keep in mind during my times playing tabletops. While my experience is mostly in DND and Pathfinder, I have played a handful of other table tops, though not nearly as much. Which is why ill be talking about the… Read more »


By: | Apr 27, 2017

Hello everyone Jake here and I finally got my switch , I know about time right? but the time has finally come. So one of the greatest things about this game so far is the openness, I love how they immediately throw you into the wild,with nothing everything you get you have to find on… Read more »

My Blog got Deleted

By: | Apr 26, 2017

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! So I had a blog all typed up, but it seems that it got deleted 😥 Oh well I guess I’ll just have t re type it out then. So what I’m going to talk about is how lit this semester has been and just how much I got… Read more »