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Finals Finally here.

By: | Aug 16, 2017

Hello everyone as you may of gathered from the title its Finals week and I’m almost done. This whole semester was one giant learning experience, I have had the chance to work on extraordinary projects. My favorite class so far has to be cinematography just because I have been able to work on my camera… Read more »

Sonic Mania

By: | Aug 15, 2017

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! So Sonic Mania came out today I have to say I’m super excited for it! I’ve been a sonic fan for a lot of years and haven’t had a good sonic game since Sonic 3 came out many years ago. I’ll be playing the game over the weekend,… Read more »

Reflecting on My Time Here.

By: | Aug 12, 2017

In a few days, I’ll be graduating from the University of Advancing Technology. This is somewhere I’ve met lifelong friends from all over the nation. This is somewhere I’ve learned about my passion. This is somewhere I called home for the better part of two years. This is where it all started. When I was… Read more »

Gaming Passion Series: Part 2 [Story]

By: | Aug 11, 2017

Being more of a trend in the current era of gaming, story has been a major focal point in the experience of numerous AAA titles. While as a designer I may not agree with less focus on the mechanics, I still appreciate story a lot, especially when it compels different emotions in you. For this… Read more »