I love zombies and I have for a long time. My first taste of zombie was probably Sleepy Hollow which my mom took me to, it was my first horror movie and is still one of my favorites. While it might not be considered a typical zombie movie, the headless horseman is definitely a zombie. Then there was the Zombie Literature class I took at a community college a few years ago which was by far the coolest class I had ever taken at the time (I’m in Dystopian Literature this semester and it’s pretty cool!). Not to mention all the zombie dressing up I’ve done and last year I made a zombie Barbie cake for my birthday. I just think zombies are cool, in a gross and scary way. The reason I’m bring up all this up is that I saw World War Z over the weekend, I would’ve seen it sooner, but I had all that application stuff I was working on. I loved the movie, I didn’t care that it’s not EXACTLY like the book, it was still a great movie! It reminded me a lot of 28 Days Later which is another one of my favorite zombie movies along with Resident Evil, Fido and Shaun of the Dead. Anyways I love zombies especially the variety of zombie media! Everything from dolls like the Monster High one, to web comics like The Zombie Hunters, books like Breathers (a personal fav.), games like Left4Dead or Plants vs. Zombies, music with zombie references and of course all the wonderful movies. And each zombie is different, when I took the zombie lit class years ago I learned that zombies originated in Voodoo legends and have just stuck around. Here’s a great article on the Voodoo Zombie Legends. Anyways here’s a photo of me dressed up like a zombie last year:


If anyone has recommendations of good zombie songs I’d love to hear them because my zombie playlist is seriously lacking here’s what I’ve got so far:

Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie

Zombie, The Cranberries

Help I’m Alive, Metric

Ya… not a lot.

—Edit, I’ve found a few more to add—

Lump, Presidents of the United States

Zombie Jamboree, Kingston Trio 

Crawling, Linkin Park

Thriller, Michael Jackson