Aaaaahhhh Zombies!

This was a pretty good week. Early in the week, we introduced a few of the new students to a board game called Zombies!!! (and yes, the name of the game really includes three exclamation marks). It’s a pretty fun game. You build the board game as you play, and zombies spawn each time a new board piece is placed on the table. The point of the game is to make it to the helipad, which my friend Ian just happened to put as far as everybody as he could. Then there are all sorts of cards that can help sabotage your opponents. Tony kept playing cards that would spawn ten zombies anywhere he chose on the board, and by the time we were trying to make our way to the helipad, there was a HUGE line of zombies blocking the way. Luckily, when you die you just respawn in the town square.

Ethics class sparked debate once again. Our professor put us into groups and asked us to come up with an ethical situation based on technology. My group chose to tackle the issue of robotics in replacing workers in a factory. We have to wait until next Tuesday to present, but I think we came up with a pretty good argument that isn’t the typical one. We went with “is it ethical for the needs of the immediate to supersede the needs of the long-term? And is it ethical for somebody to stop the progress of technology simply because they need a job?” There are no right answers of course. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with either side, but it was refreshing to hear this kind of argument as opposed to “robots are stealing all the jobs!”