Finally a second entry!

Well, HA and I are once again able to update our student journals, after some problems with logging in. What you’ve missed: Student Life came up with some activities for our students to participate in this summer. There was a zombie challenge, a movie challenge, and a band challenge. For the zombie challenge, teams of three had to compete to prove they had what it took to survive! The next challenge was a 1920s style film challenge. Teams of two made a 30-60 second silent black-and-white movie. My friends Evian and Caleb ended up winning the film contest! For the band challenge, contestants make music using non-music related technology as the instruments. I got a lovely surprise when my friend Allison came to visit! We chatted and hung out around campus. My friends made her feel very welcome. They invited her to play card games and watch movies while I was at work, which was a relief!

Here’s a link to their film: A Clever Ruse