What I’m Up To

Hello and good day folks! this week has been such a roller coaster ride and not in a bad way. Recently I had a chance to do some photography work with some friends and what a success it was James Madison and I tried something new, this involved sparklers and confetti blasters one think that I always try to do when we go on these photography trips is that how many times can I take the picture from different angels and the results are interesting sometimes they are what I want and sometime it looks awful but that the fun part , it can be frustrating  but I always say that even if you shoot for 4 hours and have a least one good photo then its never a waste because you captured something that can last a lifetime.





Some of the shots we got the other day are some of my favorites and I’m excited to say that I think I finally getting better at my craft which is fantastic but I still think I have ways to go and things to learn my skills in light room and Photoshop need to be tested more and more almost as if I have to work in those software everyday just to get better. My friend James actually did a documentary on me and my photography and this was so much fun just because I didn’t think that anyone really enjoyed my photography or wanted to learn from me.


I can say that true beauty of photography is always trying to find that perfect scene even during the editing process the smallest number are hard to hit and what I mean by that is for me the numbers have to be perfect other wise its all off. For my I love been able to play with colors and mess with the lighting inside Photoshop and light room. with these I plan on getting better and better.