What an awesome event!

Yay! My TEDxKids@Phoenix project was completed this weekend, I was the Artistic Director on the project. I logged a lot of hours creating all the print materials: brochures, badges, t-shirts and I also helped with the stage design and all the little setup things associated with an event like this; setup, tear down, checking in people and helping to tape down all the cords so no one trips on them! Honestly it was an awesome event, I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it! I love TED talks and I’ve been to 2 other TEDx events around town, but it’s so exciting to be able to contribute and help with one, I hope to do it again in the future! Alex was also there with me he was helping to film the talks as well as my friend Natasha who’s in a picture with me below.

Natasha and I at TEDxKids@Phoenix

Here are some of my designs:

All the badges I created

Front and Back of all the badges, variations intended for groups of high school kids.

T-shirt Design

The t-shirt design we had them printed on the front and back


Inside of the brochure

Inside of the brochure. It’s folded in a different kind of way to allow this poster for the students attending the event.

Main pages of brochure

These are the main pages of the brochure with information on each of the speakers and TEDx.

Check out these sites for more info about the event, get more pictures (soon) and to watch the video of the event.