It’s only week 1!

Firstly just so you know UAT has their semesters set up in weeks there’s 15 weeks so week 1 is just the first week. I’m super stressed. I’m taking 21 credit hours this semester which is a lot! Full time is taking 12 credit hours so I’m taking more then required. I have the gpa to be able to take 21, but we’ll see if I can take the pressure. I work about 18 hrs a week and one of my classes is my internship which I need to work 10 hrs a week. I’m attaching my schedule for reference as to what my time management looks like. At least I get Fridays to re-coup and Sundays I see my parents since they live in the valley… free home cooked food! Hopefully this is just a bad week because everything is starting up and hectic maybe next week I’ll be in the swing of things… hopefully.