War of the Roses.

Hello everyone,

Patrick Garland here and this is my first post. A UAT student studying Game Art and Animation on the verge of graduating. Interest or hobbies are gaming “duh”, collect coins from around the world, painting/drawing, 3D modeling, working out (recently), sport activities, and much more. Born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Arizona about 3 years ago. I’ll start of with what I found interesting today and let you the readers decide if you think if it is interesting or not.

So today I was scrolling the interwebs when I decided to go MSN.com and read that King Richrad’s III face had been revealed after 500 years of it being missing. King Richard III was the ruling King of England representing the House of York for 2 years. He was the final King to die on a battlefield.  For those of you who don’t know who King Richard III is I will post a link to a wiki article about him and his 2 year ruling over England.I also included a link to War of the Roses because this is a fascinating story of two families, House of Lancaster and House of York, duking it out for control of England.

For my next post I will talk a little bit more of what I learned about King Richard III and then something else that I think is informative and fun to learn about.

Links: King Richard III”s faceKing’s bioWar of the Roses