My name is Jaylyn and I approve this message!

I became student government Vice President and my friend Natasha is President. Today is going to be the first officer meeting where we learn the ropes of our positions so that’s exciting. It’ll be good to meet the other officers too.

Oh and Halloween is just around the corner it’s my favorite holiday! I’m still undecided as to what I want to be dressed up as… a Lichtenstein type of comic book character or a character from League of Legends or the Vampire from Monster High since I have the hair for it or what! It’s so hard to focus my attention on any one costume because I want to do them all! And I’ve got a photo shoot on Wednesday too for Radial Impact because they’re going to be in the Geek411 magazine and I’m their UI designer. I almost forgot about techforum and game jam! They both happen this week too this is going to be a busy week!