I wanted to talk about one of my favorite clubs on campus the UA-Tea club (aka the Tea Club). As you can probably imagine it’s a club built around drinking tea, it was started just a couple of semesters ago by an incoming freshmen who enjoyed tea. He thought that making a social tea drinking club sounded like a good way to make some friends and have some fun. I was one of the friends he made and there have been about a dozen or more members, really depending on the night there are about 6 regular members (including Molly and Devon). On a typical night we usually sample a new kind of tea (there are so many varieties that it’s not hard to find new teas) sometime we even play a guessing game trying to figure out the ingredients then we’ll sit around talking about the tea, whatever’s going on in our lives or school and then a lot of times we play some games like Cards Against Humanity, Kitten’s in a Blender or Fluxx. We’ve gone out a couple of times to a local tea place where we’ve been able to soak up a different atmosphere because it’s nice to get off campus everyone once in a while. Mainly we get together enjoy some tea, enjoy some good conversations and play a lot of different kinds of games. I know I for one always leave feeling happy and relaxed.

I posted a few pictures below of some of our Tea times:

Molly, Amanda and our leader Will

Molly pouring some tea

Me drinking the tea


Devon, Molly, Me, Amanda and Sean at a local tea shop.