The Past Week

As I sit here and sip my chocolate milk, I’m reflecting on this past week. All of the achievements I reached, the goals I accompl- wait, what am I saying? I did hardly anything this past week. However, July 4th was nice. I went hiking up South Mountain and watched all of the fireworks with some friends. Then I spent the rest of the weekend playing video games. I did play Risk, and dominated my friends. Now they plan to pull their forces together next time we play. I currently have a vendetta with Fire Emblem Awakening. Word of advice for any Fire Emblem game: don’t attack with a 99% chance of hitting. You will miss.
On another note, I’m excited for upcoming events. This Wednesday, I the Mighty is going to be playing at the Marquee Theater. Since they are like my favorite band, I’m really excited to be seeing them again. Friday, I have a follow interview for my internship. Next big event is my friend David’s birthday. We have big plans that I will not speak of until after his birthday. Hehehehe.