The Art of Video Games – Phoenix Art Museum

This past Saturday I had the exciting opportunity to go to the members preview of ‘The Art of Video Games’. My step mother had tickets and I was allowed to bring a couple of people with me to check out the exhibit. I brought along with me Lynn Understiller who is one of my game art professors and Cameron Wrightsman who currently runs The Academy student club here at UAT.

The exhibit was amazing and was a walk down memory lane. They had almost every console you could think of on display and a few classic games that were terrific examples of turning points in game art. One of my favorite games on display was Myst. There were also some art pieces that were important events in history done in pixel art style.

I think the most exciting thing about the exhibit was realizing that game art is now being recognized and respected as a true art form. I don’t know if any of the artists would have ever thought that their game art would end up in a museum for people to admire and appreciate.

There was also a pretty exciting exhibit that we got to play with called Pixel Paint. I was very impressed by my instructor Lynn who wow’d the crowd when she was using it.


The results the attempt at pixel paint by Cameron and I.
2013-06-15 18.06.15


Dress up fun!



Fun in the gift shop 🙂

Overall it was a great time and I highly suggest people check it out. It runs from June 16th to Sept 29th.