Haven’t You Ever Heard of the Healing Power of Laughter?

We just got done with Tech Forum, and I was able to see four presentations this year. One of them was a presentation by Natasha Vita-More, who will be teaching some classes next semester. She had an intriguing speech about Human Enhancement. During the tech forum sessions, I was even able to win a free shirt. My friend Ian ended up winning Assassin’s Creed 3. All around, it was a pretty fun time.

Since Halloween and Tech Forum happened at the same time, we had a bunch of people dress up in costume. Last minute, I decided that I wanted to dress up as well. I put together a Harley Quinn outfit, while my roommate Devon (who also decided on her costume last minute) went as Bernadette from Big Bang Theory. Because her costume was fairly simple and pretty, a lot of people thought she was simply dressed business casual for work. Some people were confused by my costume as well, since I didn’t look like Harley from the comics or Harley from the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City games. Oh well!

Now that it’s November, it’s crunch time for classes. I spent most of my weekend crunching out a few projects for my classes.