Things around town!

So since my last blog a few cool things have taken place the first is the election, it’s the second one I was able to participate in and I have mixed feelings about my vote and how much it counts, but I still believe in this country and think voting is important so I did it. I’m super glad I signed up for a mail in ballot because both times I ended up just dropping it off on election day.

Then Wednesday I went with a friend to the AZ TechCelerator to watch him do a practice pitch to investors, they had 3 people who were there just to give feedback and they had a lot of great feedback to give. I took a ton of notes and something really useful to keep in mind when doing powerpoints is to use more pictures to convey your message and explain everything!

Lastly, I went to the AZ World Usability Day Celebration at PayPal. It was a really great presentation by Rick Tilghman (find it embedded below) about how important usability is in financial systems, but usability is such a broad topic and its application is important in a variety of places so the points were really valid across the board. Also, his presentation really validated a lot of things I’ve been learning in my classes this semester, which was really awesome to hear! Another thing they had at the conference was a Smartboard, which was a lot of fun to play with, imagine a whiteboard that was really a computer screen and a dry erase marker that was actually a stylus.