Why Do People in Movies Insist on Keeping Their Creepy Possessed Dolls?

Whew, this has been one full week. In case you missed it, UAT’s been busy with Tech Forum events. There were all sorts of presentations and events going on around campus. I really enjoyed this one. The speakers were very interesting and enthusiastic about their subjects. We even had a few UAT alumni. Hearing their stories since graduation was really inspiring. Plus, I won a free shirt!

Besides Tech Forum, I’ve been getting ready for Fly-in G33k this Saturday. As an ambassador, I help make sure the event runs smoothly, but I always participate as a host too. As a host, my job is to show the Fly-in around the campus and show them what student life is like. It’s pretty fun, and usually the clubs have events going on at around the same time.

For Halloween, I celebrated by watching horror movies at my friend’s apartment. The first three were weird but not really scary, so we mostly sat around laughing at how weird they were. The fourth one was terrifying though. The movie kept doing jump cuts to this creepy doll. It would catch me off guard every time!

As always, video blog is linked below.


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