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Summer Games Done Quick - Charity Marathon

    Hey everyone! Just stopping by to remind you about an amazing event going on right now. Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is a speed-running event and live streaming marathon where some of the best speed-runners out there gather to raise money for charity.


    Doctors Without Borders

    This year the charity is Doctors Without Borders, a non-profit group who provides medical services internationally to those who need it most. This includes areas where access to medical attention may be limited or unavailable, areas with famine or disease, or areas with armed conflict.

    All of the money donated during SGDQ will provide funding for Doctors Without Borders for food, medical supplies, and other essentials that allow them to provide services to those who would otherwise be unable to provide for themselves. There are also a ton of sponsors including Alienware, Humble Bundle, and other companies providing incentives like new consoles, graphic tees, and gaming accessories for those who donate.

    Having a week long event dedicated to both an amazing cause and some amazing gaming talent is definitely something we don't have an opportunity to see every day. Those frame-perfect glitches and exploits that break games are also a ton of fun for developers to watch so they can also enjoy watching someone break the game they spent hours upon hours working on.

    So if you don't have a lot to do this week, or just really are curious how someone can finish a game in a tenth of the time the developer intended, click on the link at the top of this post and check it out!

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